A stunning moment in American history decades

The day that remade America was decades in the making.

The Supreme Court's overturning of a woman's right to an abortion on Friday was a legal, political and societal thunderbolt

that merits the overused term "historic" because it will change life in multiple ways, many still unknown.

But while shocking, especially since it goes against majority public opinion on the issue, it was not a surprise.

The ruling was the result of a staggeringly successful generational quest by the conservative movement at all political levels,

from grassroots social and religious activists through the founding leaders of a right-wing legal establishment to successive Republican presidents.

Democrats working through phases of disbelief, fury and pain on Friday vowed to fight back.

But their mission, like that of their conservative vanquishers,

could last decades or even longer in pursuit of a distant goal.

Another top Democrat, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, said she was "spitting mad."