Never mind China's new aircraft carrier

These are the ships the US should worry about

China made a big statement about its naval ambitions with the recent launch of its third and most advanced aircraft carrier.

Still, while the launch of the Fujian amid much fanfare was clearly meant as a message to Beijing's rivals,

analysts caution against swallowing too much of the hype just yet.

Firstly, the Fujian likely won't be operational for another three to four years, said Carl Schuster

a former US Navy captain and former director of operations at the US Pacific Command's Joint Intelligence Center.

And even when it is operational, its size will make it an obvious target

any enemy will be keenly aware that sinking such an iconic vessel would be as much of a morale blow as a military disaster for China.

Essentially, experts say, the Fujian might be China's biggest ship, but it's probably not the biggest problem on the minds of US naval commanders right now.